23/ december 1st, 2010 _ FUNDING (from sao paulo, about a few ideas on how to do it differently, kickstarter, colombian project, arlt, onda vaga…)

sao paulo, brazil.

I have been in town for more than 2 weeks now. Sao Paulo is i guess a very specific vision of the country and its culture (it’s my first time in brazil), and i dont want to generalize its situation in regard of the entire country. But a strong feeling emerges already - feeling of a golden age for culture and creativity.

I have been giving workshops in a cinema school, and learning a lot in the process. It’s a great, rewarding experience, to share not ideas on how to make films with a beginning, a middle and an end (i have no clue) but ideas on how to make things differently. And god knows there is a lot of ideas to shake when you are in a cinema school…

I already thought for a while about the amateur way of creating, in a world where so many people have now access to simple and cheap tools - how many musicians, filmmakers, photographers, nowadays compared to just 10 years ago? (which then raises the question of who is there to see, to listen? but that’s for later).
Those ideas could be translated into this - we entered this moment in our generation where the whole momentum of creation is being more and more displaced from the result to the earlier process of simply making. A movement which goes clearly against the established art as the past century defined it. Craftsmanship then? That’s what i was trying to explain to my students those past days - making films not for the films, but for the making. Nothing new in a way, except on such a scale.

And it’s the scale which changes it all, and open new possibles. What effect can have this young generation on the creation process? To re-organize the needs, and offer new production possibilities. Directions i have been trying to develop in the past years and especially the past months - to experiment on other productions processes, trying various ways to ‘fund’ my work. Call it a quest for ‘new business models’ but there is not much of a ‘business’ in a classical term.

One constant question which comes back, each time i would give a conference or interview, is the monetary factor - how do you do to travel, make films, and almost without money involved?
There is a few ways to make things happen. My favourite is based on an everyday exchange, a sort of potlatch where my films would be exchanged against places to stay, something to eat, etc. A vision of cinema with a strong amateur aspect to it.
But this is definitely a very radical way of making things which can be applied mostly to very low costs productions, where most of the time not many people are involved. There is also other projects which can’t be done without a certain amount of money.

Which quickly leads us to Kickstarter. The website is the best example (not the only one) of an amazing and powerful tool for creation nowadays, a revolution which comes to fit a very obvious need.

I just launched my first kickstarter project a few days ago, with my friend Lulacruza, for a spectacular adventure in the various sounds of Colombia. Here’s the link to participate, and here’s the video to explain the project.

This is the kind of tool that Brazil needs to implement as soon as possible. In my past days in Sao Paulo, i have been continuously meeting people working with brands, in commercials, and (almost) all of the time their reason is the same - to fund more personal, artistic projects.
Easy to get the point and hopefully try for many young minds to make things differently.

I won’t go into more details, i am as usual in a rush, but take a look at the rewards that Kickstarter can allow you to create - a quite unique relationship is established between people, and you can even command me a film with your favourite artist. Fun hey? but seriously, i would do it.

Something else. I didnt film much french music in the past 5 years. The whole distance on its own culture was needed i guess, or maybe just the right people.
I heard about ARLT from some various friends. We met this past summer and it all made sense. I love them, enjoy this little poetic wander through Paris, and read a very nice text about them here.

Last, some other great people, from Buenos Aires this time, Onda Vaga. This video is number 3 of 4 parts, you can see the rest of them here - http://www.blogotheque.net/Onda-Vaga,5770
I will go back to Buenos Aires in 2 weeks, just for a few days, to make a screening and have a good time.

Many films to make in Brazil, in Sao Paulo obviously (most of you will soon discover my favourite brazilian voice, Dona Inah) and all around the country - will be slowly walking up to Colombia, where i have to be by march.
Until then, good adventures, fellow nomads. Yalla.

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