22/ november 9th, 2010 _ (from copenhagen, about an island, kong nay…)

time flies. this blog is turning into a sort of non-used base for thoughts. i guess direct intimate talks win.

have been travelling, learning talking listening.
i have been experimenting a bit on how to show films. did a wonderful serie of home screenings in Montreal. experimented also on the process of recording itself, but its just a beginning and it will see some more lights in a few months with the start of PETITES PLANETES, my new project.

today marks the launch of the first teaser for AN ISLAND, a film we made with the danish band Efterklang this past august. check anisland.cc for all the infos

i think we are all very happy with the result, a 50min film who tries to experiment also a lot on the relationships between images and sounds. the film will be released in a very unique way, in next february. all of its content is under creative commons.

before this film, i did a few other short films with Efterklang
a nice soundcheck film in NY:

and a participation in the Temporary Copenhagen project:

apart from the great danes, as i haven’t been uploading many things recently (but i shot a lot), here’s a film that not many people saw, of the great Master Kong Nay, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

a film which marks a limit in my approach of traditionnal music. i learned a lot from this shooting - and the limits of exchange - and it’s one of the reason why i am soon starting my label.

brazil is coming now. a long trip down there, hopefully to find some miracles. or to create them, after all. yalla.

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