20/ june 28th, 2010 _ la radio mondiale (from paris, about tomi lebrero, pablo malaurie, alina orlova, david moore, fernando milagros…)

ah the roads. been intense those past months, more than ever, reaching an interesting position where it all flows in a very easy way. the quest of sounds. am very happy those days.
i guess i just wanted to make a little pause, passing by paris, and share in this post my favourite recent sounds collected here and there, with people i love. i hope you will enjoy.

first, this film with tomi lebrero which is in a way the perfect one to introduce anybody to what i have been trying to make in those past years. might be my favourite souvenir from any of my trips.

then, another film shot on that same week in buenos aires. with pablo malaurie. it’s the first part of the take away show posted today on la blogotheque. what happens during the second song is quite fantastic. superb mix by fer isella and edit by my favourite argentinian team.

passing by paris in april, i met the floating alina and did this little portrait of her. beautiful beautiful person. wonderful mix by vincent cosson.

i met david last summer and since then we became very good friends. i had to give him a little film, we did this very nice one in a snowy new york winter. thx to daniel for the great edit and to brian for the mix, full of an incredible wind.

to end, nothing’s better than the poetic and mighty valparaiso, where i spent an afternoon with fernando. pablo did the mix, gates the edit. thx guys. a longer film with more of the chilean encounters is on its way.

on the road forever. next stops, poland, england, denmark, usa… and preparing a long trip in south america, brazil in november. be well and adventurous. yalla.

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