17/ march 10th, 2010 _ to remember? (from paris, about a new website as a brain, and Kazuki Tomokawa’s trailer)

A little bit more than 4 years ago, i found myself in a bar near Porte de Clignancourt, around a beer with the Spinto Band, a camera in hand and not much in mind. It was the very first essay of a ‘Take Away Show’ - we called it at the time a videocast. ahah.
Started with my friend Chryde as an attempt to offer something a little bit different on internet, as a way to add content to his own website La Blogotheque, but especially as a simple way to spend time with our favourite musicians, pretending to do something professional and important - while the goal was just to be there, in intimacy with music. I wonder if all those great people working for the musicians really believed it was serious…

Anyway, time flies. And while i am typing those words back in the room where i was 4 years ago, our lifes have changed quite a lot, and the amount of sounds and images recorded went into quite insane proportions. I lost control of my memory, left Paris to live on the road, jumped into everyday adventures and forgot sometimes to think about what happened. The need of an archival place was getting more and more important, to offer to all those encounters a nice little place, and basically for myself to use it as a photo album, as a notebook, as a virtual suitcase. Here it is finally:


You will find there more than 200 films, from the past 5 years and more, including some very old works with photos, and some longer formats - all my work is viewable there for free, and from now on all of it will be under Creative Commons. I hope you will like it, don’t hesitate to send feedbacks and ideas to ameliorate it (a research box is on its way…), i will update it continuously, even when films are not online, and sometimes, like the little films i did in Chile and Argentina, i will post some preview versions. Last thing, eternal thanks to Jerome Pidoux who made the website looks amazing.

Apart from that, La Faute des Fleurs, our portrait of Kazuki Tomokawa, is finally finished, in its 2nd version, a bit shorter (70 minutes) than the one we screened at the CPH DOX festival last october - and which won the Sound & Vision award, yes ladies and gentlemen. Here’s the official trailer for the movie, which should be released by the end of the year, after being screened in a few film festivals here and there. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about it, but you can find more informations here _ http://kazukitomokawa.com/ _ and there _ http://lafautedesfleurs.com/

That’s it for now. Good energies and travels coming. On my way to Cambodia, spending a month in Phnom Penh for a webfilm project. New adventures. Be well! Yalla.

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