15/ december 21st, 2009 _ exploring the world? (from santiago de chile, about lhasa de sela, and montreal energies…)

It’s been a while, again. Writing on this blog was at first a very exciting process for me (i started it at the end of march), but then i quickly admitted that my own thoughts on images and sounds were more something i wanted to share eyes in the eyes, around a late night drink, than through those screens. The ‘little things’ i make as films fit well those screens, the ideas and life which goes with them, not that much.

Before the end of this year, i wanted to post a last little thing about some films i made in 2009 that not many people saw, before heading to new projects and encounters. I have been on the road for just a year now, since i decided to leave Paris and move to New York, then realized the in between was more my thing. Nomadic as an experience on your own body, everyday as a new adventure, full of new souls, sounds and images. Loving it more and more, not ready to stop. Always keeping in mind, ‘how do we explore the world today?’
Merry Christmas, happy new year, 2010 i believe in you!

I spent quite a good amount of time this year in Montreal, where live some of my favourite people in the world, and this is the main reason of this post today - to just tell them how much i love them. Amongst other great musicians, Lhasa de Sela and Jessie Stein (singer of the Luyas, see below) are persons who taught me a lot in 2009, so praise for them.

It was in may this year that i went to spend a few days with Lhasa in the canadian city. I did a bunch of nice live videos, so here’s a selection of 7 songs from a night in Montreal, a little gig we organized at Patrick Watson’s loft.

Lhasa and my friend David-Etienne who manages her invited me to shoot some stuff prior to the new album release - her third album, the quiet and beautiful ‘Lhasa’. We spent together 5 days, during which i shot a little portrait of her, that i hope to be able to edit someday, when i will get time and/or money. But the core of the project was to film her live with her band, in small intimate settings.

I organized the set in such a way that i would be able to move easily between the audience and the band - a central circle, plus another larger circle, and enough room to move fast and catch all musicians in one shot. All the films were shot only once of course, without any other preparation, and i feel really happy with the result - reaching a certain improvised choreography almost ; )

More than anything, those shows, which marked Lhasa’s first shows in a very long time (we did in fact 2 nights, in 2 different places), blew me by the intensity which she would put in it. No words can really describe what i felt - one of the most amazing performer i have ever seen for sure.

I have been defending the idea of using only one eye, one angle, for a long time now - even if on some occasions i had to use multi-cameras. But this night was a perfect experience for me, as well as for the audience i think - how to disappear with a camera in hand? Maybe by being as much present as possible. Thanks to all the people present there to make this possible, especially Patrick, David-Etienne and Matthieu Parisien for the amazing sound.

I came back to Montreal at the beginning of october, for the POP Montreal festival, once more. Thanks to Patricia Boushel, Sean Michaels and Nora Bouazzouni, we made a little serie of videos on young local bands, produced by Arte Live web and Art TV. I was excited to spend some time with people i didn’t know and wanted to explore the city following them. I am quite happy with the result, especially those 3 videos. Special thanks to Lucas Archambault for the great work on the edit.

The Luyas are probably my favourite band those days, and this video is just a short version of a longer take away show to come. They are fronted by Jessie Stein, que j’aime more than anything. This afternoon we spent together is probably my favourite moment of the past year.

I met for the first time My People Sleeping and Braids for those little films. I especially love the first song by My People Sleeping, as this long one shot was really made in one take, without even knowing how they would sound. I hope you will enjoy!

and a few others i also made there:

Clues: http://www.vimeo.com/7674428
Witchies: http://www.vimeo.com/7682103
The Mittenstrings: http://www.vimeo.com/7683006
Little Scream: http://www.vimeo.com/7685824

apologies to Adam and the Amethysts, and the Black Feelings, for not having been able to do something enough good with them. And about Tune Yards, something was shot, we will one day convince her label to let us use those videos…

I also shot an absolutely embarassing video with Phoenix in Paris, and received lots of nice words for that. Weird.

Happy new year to you all, from Chile now.
2010 is gonna be full of surprises again. Yalla.

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