21/ august 24th, 2010 _ BURNING (from seattle, about mogwai’s live film)

BURNING is finally released! Ah this is exciting. i really like this film a lot, and i hope you will.

When Mogwai asked me to shoot a live film with them, it was supposed to happen in Japan. Finally, it had to be in Brooklyn, at the Music Hall of Williamsburgh, over 3 nights. Yeah, a bit less exciting, but hey it wasn’t really the point. The point was: how to film Mogwai? How to take up the challenge of filming, not only a band on stage (i already expressed many times my lack of interest for the exercice), but MOGWAI!?
Who ever saw Mogwai? a band you would feel more than see - i spent most of their shows eyes closed. How to add images to their sounds, and why?
I asked old pal Nathanael Le Scouarnec to work with me on this. He did most of the edit on the film, and i have to say it’s a mindblowing work. The combination of its edit skills and a cherished b/w aesthetic, makes Burning, a 50 minutes experience hopefully reaching towards abstraction at some point. Ah but, it’s a film you have to see on a BIG screen with a BIG sound, deal?

you can order it here: http://mogwai.co.uk/
and here’s a collection of a few teasers, extracts…

a very nice long teaser made for Spin mag

the second teaser, around Batcat

Scotland Shame as in the movie

and Jim Morrison (the song, he was unavailable on that night)

adventures in images and sounds. brrrr. enjoy! see you somewhere sometimes.

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